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 This is a full edit of Phoenix to bring it up to 2004 standards. The bridge is gone, the wall at the exit of turn 1 has been moved out and the asphalt has been patched at both ends of the speedway. Also, the background has been improved (thanks to Pontiacfan for allowing me to use his background files), people have been added to the stands, and the asphalt resolution has been greatly improved. Thanks to Foxman for his help. The AI should be better but you can always use the lp's from the original Phoenix, the exit to turn 1 shouldn't be too off.

Phoenix has undergone a complete makeover to incorperate night graphics. Added are lights, 3-d walls, and a couple new grandstands. The pallette has also been darkened and a new night horizon added.Sorry, no lite version as of yet.


Phoenix Int'l Raceway Track Installer Download
Phoenix Int'l Raceway lite Track Installer Download
Night Phoenix Int'l Raceway Track Installer Download
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