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 High banked Pikes Peak. Spent a lot of time on graphics, not to much on the AI so if you see a problem there tell me. It looked good in my tests, though. If you see a graphic problem, keep it to yourself, I probably already know about it. Track texture doesn't show up in software or D3D mode, still works though, interesting perspective of the groove in D3D.
Asphalt Patch
 This gets rid of the solid black track texture in any mode. It also takes away the black and makes it the old concrete color. For some reason the pack/unpacker in there wouldn't work for me, doubt it will for you, but any other pack/unpacker should work. I know DooDat does. The two other files are simply the track texture files, paste them into the clayton.dat file over the others.
Clayton Speedway Track Zip Download
Clayton Speedway Asphalt Zip Download