Langhorne Speedway

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 With the permission of the original author, Tjerk, I have converted and updated the historic Langhorn Speedway for use in N3. I redid the track textures and replaced the original trees and grandstands with some newer ones I had laying around. I also rebuilt the AI for stock cars. This track may be hard on frame rates, may not, there aren't that many trackside objects but they are highly detailed. There are no plans for a lite version.


Langhorne Speedway
For ICR2/CART Racing
-Brought to you by Tjerk de Heer-
With crucial assistance of Brian Fox and Sander Maas

This is my interpretation of the Langhorne Speedway, a perfectly circular track that was built in 1925 and closed down in 1971. During the last six years of the track's existence it had an asphalt surface, where previously it had been a dirt track. This version of the track is a representation of it during any of the paved seasons.

The information I had about the track was limited. I looked at the GPL beta track by Rick King for inspiration and found only a couple of photos on the net to help me graphics wise. All in all it's turned out to be a pretty good looking and good driving track.

The track has a distinctive groove that you both see and feel. The groove is in fact a normal asphalt surface and the outer part [and underneath the white line] has a concrete surface. Concrete has considerably less grip than asphalt so to be quick, stay in the groove.

N3 Langhorne Speedway Track Installer Download
NL Langhorne Speedway Track Installer Download
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