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 This is the final version of the track. There's no groove on this one because, for the time, there isn't a groove on the real track. The bill boards are probably not accurate but I think they're more up to date than the original. Everything's been thoroughly tested so there shouldn't be any major problems. Special thanks goes out to Foxman for his help, Pontiacfan for allowing me to use his horizon 3do, and to all my testers, too numerous to name but you guys know who you are and you know I couldn't do this without you. Enjoy

Update: Track surface has been lightened up, AI improved, and real camera files added. Simply download the miamifix.zip file below, extract all files to your miami track folder, and run the miamifix.bat file. For use only with the full version, not the lite (should work if you edit a few lines in the bat file though).

Online Update:   For the full version only

this patch was requested by several online drivers who wanted lane markers on the track. A groove has been added along with these lane markers. The track surface textures have not been modified and are not high res. this should help framerates for everyone online.

You must apply the original full graphics version update first if you want it (and you do). The track will not work if you try to apply the first update after this update. You do not need that update for this patch to work though.


Homestead Speedway Track Installer Download
Homestead Speedway lite Track Installer Download
Homestead Speedway Update Download
Homestead Speedway Online Update Download
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